Frequently Asked Questions


  • You will find the costs of our services under SERVICES.

  • Yes, all appointments can be made online via the APP and MAKE AN APPOINTMENT page by signing up with a username and password.

    Or else, you can phone the SALON of your choice.

  • You should phone the SALON of your choice and ask to be included in the list for haircuts with Claudio Cerini. Upon opening the haircut calendar we will get in touch with you to arrange for an appointment.

  • At our salons we perform no chemical treatments (straightening/relaxing, hair botox, keratin treatment, etc.). We rather focus on hair quality and improvement, so we offer restoring cream masks or nutrition treatments that may contribute to hair care and improvement, if that is what you are looking for. Under SERVICES you will find all the treatments we offer.

  • We have gift certificates which can be purchased at any of our salons. They are issued for an amount chosen by the customer rather than for specific services. They have no expiration date and can be used at all our salons.

    Under SERVICES you can see the costs of our services. Remember that the gift certificates are paid for and delivered at our salons.


  • We accept the following methods of payment:

    • Cash, in Argentine pesos
    • All credit cards (in a single payment)
    • All debit cards (in a single payment)
    • Bank transfer (only for corporate sales)
  • We only accept Argentine pesos.

  • Unfortunately at present we DO NOT have any special offer.

    Currently we accept all debit and credit cards issued by all banking institutions, in a SINGLE payment. If you hold a credit card, you may want to check with the issuing institution whether they offer any discount for hair care services.

  • Yes. Because of its business category (hairdressing services under item 15, subsection e), section 3 of the Value Added Tax Act), our company is covered by General Resolution No. 3668, published in the Official Gazette dated September 9th, 2014. Under the above resolution, in order to issue a type A invoice any provider of these services must make the customer fill out a form (Form No. 8001) as an Affidavit, requesting for the issuance of a type “A” invoice according to the events included in this form. Once that form is filled out, we can issue a type A invoice. For operating reasons, we have decided that each applicant for a type “A” invoice should fill out the affidavit at our salon, also providing their phone number and email address. This affidavit is sent to our administrative office the next day, from where we issue the electronic type A invoice, which is sent to the email address specified by the customer.


  • Our opening hours are as follows:

    • At our salons in Barrio Norte, Zona Norte and Belgrano, Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    • At our salons in Dot Baires , Paseo Alcorta, Club de Caballeros, Alto Palermo and Patio Bullrich, Monday thru Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


  • Under SALONS you will find the addresses and Google Maps links to reach each salon.


  • If you want to get training, please visit ESCUELA CERINI page.

    For information about courses and training, you can call us on 4811-8755. You can also reach us via Whatsapp, or email us at [email protected].

  • Under OUR COURSES you will find all the courses we offer, so that you can choose the one that interests you and suits you best.


  • Under WORK WITH US you can send us your résumé


Barrio Norte, Belgrano and Zona Norte
Monday thru Saturday from 8hs to 20hs

Alto Palermo, Dot, P. Alcorta, Club de Caballeros, Nordelta, Patio Bullrich
Monday thru Sunday from 10hs to 21hs


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